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August 2017 Vol. 4(4), pp. 031-036
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Investigation on cytotoxic effect of Brucella Abortus infection on cattle and the role of cytokines in regulation of intracellular bacterial infection

Abdel Fatah Ali, Mervat E.I Radwan, Mohamed Gouda Abdelwahab and Ahlam F. Hamoda


1Department of clinical Pathology, 2,3Department of Vetrinary Medicine

3Department of Forensic Medicine and Toxocology

Vet.Teaching Hospital, Banha University

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Accepted 10 August, 2017


This study was performed on cattle farm in Egypt country which was endemic with brucella, these animals were suffered from abortion in late three month of pregnancy with retained placenta. Study group was comprised of 18 cattle aged between 2-3 years, all animals of this farm were exposed to serological test to determine the infected animals. Field diagnosis Rose Bengal test was performed and confirmed by ELISA IgG test to determine the type of brucella, Serological tests detected 12 animals were positive  Brucella Abortus and remain were negative by these serological tests ,so these negative animals were considered as control negative .This experiment was performed in Vet. Teaching Hosp., Moshtohor, Benha University . Biochemical tests were performed to determine oxidant and antioxidant changes associated to infection by measuring indicators as malondaldhyde (MDA), lactate dehydrogenase (LDH) and nitric oxide(NO), Total protein(TP), Albunin(AL) and total antioxidant capacity(TAC),  associated with B.abortus infection. ELISA tests to measure alterations in cytokines IL-10, IL-1β and TNF µ that associated to infection, this investigation pointed to the role of these parameters in regulation of intracellular bacterial infection as response of body immunity system to infection.

Keywords:  Brucella, Cytokines  immunity (IL-10 , IL-1β and TNF µ) oxidants and antioxidants biomakers.

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