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October 2014 Vol. 1(5), pp. 070-081 
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Performance evaluation of anti-corrosion coating in an oil industry

Amadi, S.A. and Ukpaka, C.P.

Department of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering Rivers State University of Science and Technology Nkpolu, P.M.B. 5080, Port Harcourt, Nigeria

*Corresponding Author's

Accepted 24 July, 2014


Anti-corrosion coating as an alternative to cementiotius materials, organic polymeric materials have long been considered for pipe coatings. This is due to their good corrosion resistance, imperviousity to water/air, resistant to salinity, immunity to large variations in pH and chemical and physical stabilities at moderately high temperatures. In this work, different types of anti-corron coating were evaluated to consider their performance, following different types of test. Conclusively fusion bonded epoxy (FBE) was consider more effective after the test was carried out among others. The research presented illustrates the usefulness of anticorrosion agents in improving the rate of reducing corrosion effect on materials.

Keywords: Performance, Evaluation, Oil, Industry, Anti-Corrosion, Coating.


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