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October 2014 Vol. 1(3), pp. 032-037   
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Full Length Research Paper


Assessment of Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata:(L) Warp ) Production in Abuja Central Nigeria

Chuwang, P.Z., Oyerinde, A.A and Emmanuel, H.*


Crop Science Department and*Department of library and Information Science, University of Abuja, FCT Abuja, PMB 117, Garki, Abuja

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Accepted 13 April, 2014


A survey was conducted to assess the status of cowpea production in the FCT Abuja using two centrally located area councils (Gwagwalada and Kwali) as representative of the entire population. Over 90% of the farmers in both area councils are men while older and more experienced farmers were found at Kwali compared to Gwagwalada. About 50% and 10% of the farmers at Kwali and Gwagwalada respectively had no formal education. Most of the land holdings available for farming in Kwali were relatively larger than in Gwagalada. However, most (70%) of these lands were through inheritance. In Kwali, 25% of the land is used for cowpea production by 62.1% of the population while 60% of the farmers use all of theirs in Gwagwalada. Over 70% of the farming system is crop based and the ratio of mixed to sole cropping for cowpea production is 40:60 for both area councils. The crops available for intercropping are maize, yam, cassava, sorghum, and sesame.

Keywords: and Abbreviations: Kwali and Gwagwalada area councils of the FCT (Federal Capital Territory)-Abuja, cowpea, farming system, ADP- Agricultural Development Programme.